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Fondant stripper cake! February 14, 2011

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Of course after making such an adorable little cake, I had to continue my quest of the elusive fondant. This past weekend was the joint birthday party of two of my good friends, and at the many parties we have over there, I am the cake/cupcake/dessert girl. Naturally.

So I used that crazy fondant again, but this time I used chocolate, which I’m sure tasted better. Funny enough, I don’t usually eat too many of my own treats. I prefer to subject others to that sometimes daunting task.

Anyhow, here is the fondant stripper cake!

The great brown ball of chocolate fondant:








After rolling it out with my handy dandy, if somewhat phallic, fondant roller, I formed it around the round, two-layer box cake. Hey, don’t act all surprised! I told you – me and cakes from scratch? Eh, no thanks!









Pretty, huh? So then I cut holes of bright pink dots to fasten on the sides. For this, I used white fondant and colored with red icing, working into the mound before rolling it out.

I also used icing as a glue, but I’ve heard dabs of water may also work:














And since this is the stripper cake, I adorned the top with the prettiest Ken doll ever. After I tore off his legs, of course. I dabbed from icing on his chest, and while it looks like blood, I promise that he was not in a knife fight.


The Great Fondant Challenge February 7, 2011

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So this week I tried using fondant for the first time. You know, the sweet stuff that is found covering most wedding cakes. . .? Quite popular on one of my fave Food Network shows, Ace of Cakes. Anyway, naturally I wanted to try my hand at this. Not that I’m any culinary genius, but like I said, I’m working on my baker skills.

This is a small, one-layer cake I made for my neice’s 7th birthday, for our family dinner. So nothing too big, and a great way to practice using fondant for the first time.

First, I gathered the cake ingredients:

Then I unwrapped the white fondant and kneaded it until it was pretty soft:

But since it was for my neice’s 7th birthday, and she is the girliest little girl, I wanted to make the cake pink. There fore I took pink icing and slowly worked it into the mound of fondant:

I also squeezed some icing on top of the cake, before placed atop the fondant sheet:

So now I rolled out the fondant, which I guess takes some getting use to. This package was suppose to be enough to cover a couple layer cake, but I was only able to roll out and smooth it enough to cover this one-layer:

I suppose next time I need to work harder and roll it out better in each direction. A trick I also learned is that in order to keep it from sticking to any roller, use confectioner sugar (powdered sugar), just like you’d use flour for dough.

Then I fitted it around the cake:

With a few other colors of fondant, i cut out curcles for polka dots. For a glue, I used dots of icing:

After adding a few candles, I topped it off with a Littlest Pet Shop figurine I picked up from the store and viola! An adorable little cake for an adorable little now-7-year-old!

-Miss Foodie


The Wannabe Baker February 2, 2011

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I am not a professional baker or chef. I also have almost no idea how to make a cake from scratch. I am most occustomed to buying a good ‘ole box of Devil’s Food or Betty Crocker cake mix, throwing in some eggs, water, and oil, and baking at 350 for 40 minutes or so.

It’s after that when I have the real fun. I am, if I do say so myself, on the fast road to truly dynamite treat making and decorating. I can whip up a mean batch of kinda perfect brownies and I can create some one-of-a-kind conversation piece desserts. It’s kinda one of my things.

Up next is the great fondant challenge. I’ll take ya’ll step by step, but don’t worry. There will be some accompanying photos for your viewing pleasure.

-Miss Foodie