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The Great Fondant Challenge February 7, 2011

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So this week I tried using fondant for the first time. You know, the sweet stuff that is found covering most wedding cakes. . .? Quite popular on one of my fave Food Network shows, Ace of Cakes. Anyway, naturally I wanted to try my hand at this. Not that I’m any culinary genius, but like I said, I’m working on my baker skills.

This is a small, one-layer cake I made for my neice’s 7th birthday, for our family dinner. So nothing too big, and a great way to practice using fondant for the first time.

First, I gathered the cake ingredients:

Then I unwrapped the white fondant and kneaded it until it was pretty soft:

But since it was for my neice’s 7th birthday, and she is the girliest little girl, I wanted to make the cake pink. There fore I took pink icing and slowly worked it into the mound of fondant:

I also squeezed some icing on top of the cake, before placed atop the fondant sheet:

So now I rolled out the fondant, which I guess takes some getting use to. This package was suppose to be enough to cover a couple layer cake, but I was only able to roll out and smooth it enough to cover this one-layer:

I suppose next time I need to work harder and roll it out better in each direction. A trick I also learned is that in order to keep it from sticking to any roller, use confectioner sugar (powdered sugar), just like you’d use flour for dough.

Then I fitted it around the cake:

With a few other colors of fondant, i cut out curcles for polka dots. For a glue, I used dots of icing:

After adding a few candles, I topped it off with a Littlest Pet Shop figurine I picked up from the store and viola! An adorable little cake for an adorable little now-7-year-old!

-Miss Foodie


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