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Fondant stripper cake! February 14, 2011

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Of course after making such an adorable little cake, I had to continue my quest of the elusive fondant. This past weekend was the joint birthday party of two of my good friends, and at the many parties we have over there, I am the cake/cupcake/dessert girl. Naturally.

So I used that crazy fondant again, but this time I used chocolate, which I’m sure tasted better. Funny enough, I don’t usually eat too many of my own treats. I prefer to subject others to that sometimes daunting task.

Anyhow, here is the fondant stripper cake!

The great brown ball of chocolate fondant:








After rolling it out with my handy dandy, if somewhat phallic, fondant roller, I formed it around the round, two-layer box cake. Hey, don’t act all surprised! I told you – me and cakes from scratch? Eh, no thanks!









Pretty, huh? So then I cut holes of bright pink dots to fasten on the sides. For this, I used white fondant and colored with red icing, working into the mound before rolling it out.

I also used icing as a glue, but I’ve heard dabs of water may also work:














And since this is the stripper cake, I adorned the top with the prettiest Ken doll ever. After I tore off his legs, of course. I dabbed from icing on his chest, and while it looks like blood, I promise that he was not in a knife fight.


One Response to “Fondant stripper cake!”

  1. shandi Says:

    Love it!! so cute!

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