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The Homemade Cupcake Tier April 29, 2011

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So for my very best friend’s birthday I wanted to go all out for the candled treat. Of course I couldn’t just make a cake.

So I made a collection of delicious mini cupcakes and a mini cake to go on top. But the caloric sweets aren’t the focus here.

To display them all, I made my own homemade cupcake tier.

First, cut wrapping paper in the shape and size of a cardboard cake round.

Then glue that to the board.

Next you’ll need a Styrofoam cylinder which can be found at any craft store. Wrap that in ribbon and glue to secure. 

After repeating those steps, cutting the cardboard smaller for each tier, you can glue  each tier together and leave overnight with something heavy on top. 

Of course it doesn’t look quite as nice  until it’s in action!



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