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Hamburger Cupcakes! September 5, 2011

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As usual I felt I had to generate attention for myself as I prepared to create a tasty treat for a Labor Day cookout.

Therefore I tried my hand at the cupcake hanburgers. Which, if done properly truly look like little burgers and taste like the exact opposite. Hard to wrap your head around, but enjoyable all the same.

For the buns:

-White cake mix into cupcakes. When cooled, carefully slice in half
-A dab of corn syrup on top
-Sesame seeds sprinkles on the corn syrup

 For the burger:

-Brownie mix, shaped with the rim of a champagne glass

For the condiments

-Butter cream frosting
-Green, yellow, and red food coloring mixed in to preference

-Put it all together, and you have some sweet sliders! Literally!-



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